Windmill Australian Shepherd’s

Raising a litter takes a tremendous amount of time and energy. Because of my busy training and showing/trialing schedule and strong commitment to my adult dogs, Windmill produces, on an average, only one litter every couple of years.

Puppies are raised on a puppy enrichment program, starting with ENS on day 3. The enrichment part of the protocol includes introduction to movement, all sorts of different sounds and textures. This helps them be a confident, biddable, calm puppy. They are also taught core behavoirs in such a way that they are imprinted with the learning is fun attitude.

All puppies are DNA VP-eligible, eyes certified and registered with AKC and ASCA. They also have full health guarantees. Windmill stands behind their dogs all the way. We are here, if ever help is needed, in any area, from the beginning to the end.

It is not easy to get a Windmill puppy. You may feel like you have to jump through hoops, but in the end, everyone has always found it was worth it.

Also remember, an Australian Shepherd may be the dog for you, but an Aussie puppy may not be your cup of tea. Please check the links to rescue. I have spent over 30 years working with, rehabilitating and placing rescue dogs. These dogs are fantastic and make the greatest companions. This may be the way for you to go.

No litters planned at this time


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